Sexual Violence during Covid-19 Restrictions

How to get help and support during Covid 19 Restrictions

Rape & Sexual Assault can happen at any time to anyone. You may be worried about getting into trouble about breaching restriction rules if you report or seek help – you do not need to worry about that – you will not get into trouble.

Services are here to help you:

In an emergency, ring the police on 999. They will also help you get in touch with support services.

Serenity Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) provides help 24/7 after an assault, including medical & forensic services – which are not affected by the Covid 19 Restrictions – and ongoing support through Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (IDVAs) – currently by phone, email and text. Face to face meetings arranged at the SARC with appropriate precautions taken.

24/7 helpline: 01604 601713 /

Northamptonshire Rape Crisis Centre (NRCC) provides counselling, group work and Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (IDVAs). Currently providing on line and telephone support during the Covid 19 restrictions.

01604 250721 / helpline 0300 222 5930



Voice (for Victims and Witnesses) provide emotional support and practical help for victims and witnesses of crime, including sexual violence. Currently providing services by phone with additional information on their website, including self referral form.

0300 303 1965 / email: