Domestic violence in same sex relationships

NADASA acknowledges domestic abuse in same sex relationship

The rates of domestic abuse in same sex  relationships, whether lesbian or gay, are roughly the same as domestic abuse against heterosexual women (25%).

There are a lot of false beliefs that surround domestic abuse in same sex relationships. Amongst them is that women are not abusive and that lesbians are therefore always equal in relationships; or that it is easier for a gay man to leave his abusive partner than it is for a heterosexual woman to leave her abusive partner; or again that, when violence occurs between gay men in a relationship, it is a fight as opposed to domestic abuse. These are myths. If you are in a same sex relationship, you are as likely to become a victim of domestic abuse as if you were in a heterosexual relationship and therefore you are exposed to the same dangers and difficulties.

If you are a lesbian, a gay man, or a bisexual or a transgender person (LGBT) and you are a victim of domestic abuse, remember that you have the same rights that victims in heterosexual relationships have. In addition to domestic abuse services, on a national and local level, there are specialist LGBT services that may be able to help. Please click here  to check the list of services you can contact.