Domestic Abuse Toolkit

This toolkit is for non domestic abuse professionals to use with a client or patient that may or does have domestic abuse issues and needs.  It provides information about domestic abuse, including children, and what all services should have in place in respect of governance and policies.  It includes resources that will enable you to ask difficult questions, do a needs and risk assessment, identify the resources needed, which services to contact and how to contact them and the means to make a referral; it will enable you to construct a safety plan with the client or patient.

It is not intended to equip a non domestic abuse professional to deal with the issues and needs alone – always seek advice and support from a specialist agency.

The templates within the toolkit document are also included as separate documents below, so that you can complete them separately as required and also print off only what you need.

Links are provided to other essential websites and documents.


Nadasa ‘Asking the questions’ template

Nadasa ‘Needs Assessment’ template


Personalised safety plan template


Nadasa adapted Victim Passport V2 GGB

Legal Grounds for Sharing Information Guidance